Subject: ANN: wxPython with pyOpenGL screencasts in 'developing emol!' ShowMeDo series
From: Ian Ozsvald
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 21:09:40 +0000

Summary - Erik Thompson is creating a long wxPython-based screencast series in ShowMeDo
which teaches you to build a 3D molecule viewer using pyOpenGL:

Detail - Currently at 14 episodes (with more to come) Erik shows you how he:
* uses wxPython and pyOpenGL to create a 3d molecule viewer
* designs his application with Use Cases and Classes
* uses Bazaar for source-code control
* bug fixes
* uses the GPL and Copyright

We have a total of 177 Python videos here:
with 3 series dealing with wxPython here:

Please remember to *say Thank You* using the Comment form below the videos (or using
the Quick Comments to the side of the videos) as Authors love to know that you appreciated
their screencast.

Robin - thanks for permission to post.

Ian Ozsvald (co-founder of ShowMeDo)